Mr Pen & Mrs Paper. Possibly Your New Best Pals.  

Get some pen & paper ready. Keep them near you. You might have one or more of those cute little notepads. I have several flying around. They are just perfect. Make a note of any thought, any encounter, anything you experience or observe that you find note-worthy, anything that made you feel good. Create memories. Direct your own movie about your life. Will it be a comedy, romance or drama?

It is an extremely powerful personal tool. What’s more, it is fun, easy to follow and can go a surprisingly long way towards helping you through moments of doubt or despair. Start collecting beautiful & comforting moments that you can go back to, read & remember. Let them pull you back into your very own happy space. Maybe close your eyes and let that scene, that moment rise up in your memory again whenever you’re in need of it.

That’s how my book started. I’d write down a sentence, sometimes just a word, in my calendar or in one of the many tiny notepads I usually carry around. I keep discovering bits of paper with some scribbles on them that ended up being used as book marks or stuffed into some coat pocket. Sometimes they’ll just say “Woman w/candles” or “Convo with shop assistant” or “Triple choc cake oh yeah” and they contain entire scenes and stories. They remind me of a moment that I cherished, a kind word, something I observed in mySelf or someone else that touched my heart. They always make me smile and usually magically appear when I need exactly that: A reminder of the good things in life, of the beauty around us. They immediately lift me out of whatever worry I might carry around with me.

Feel tempted to start? Do! And, of course, feel free to share your moments here.

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