unEarth yourSelf

What skill, hobby, talent did you have that has fallen by the wayside because, well, life took over at some point and left you with less playtime? What did you just love doing as a child? What did you do that made you forget time and space, that made you forget to pee, eat and tidy up your room, and instead helped you develop the superhuman superpower to ignore that annoying sibling of yours?

Did you draw, paint, dance, build a tipi or a race car in your room or a fashion empire in your mind? Did you do art installations in the bathroom with little rolled up pieces of wet toilet paper that you glued all over the tiles (like my brother did)? Did you sing? Loudly? Off key? In the shower or on the street?

Time to pick up where you left off….. unEarth yourSelf. Be free. Our physical movement might be restricted but not our imagination.

And if you’re worried about what people might think:

First of all, it Does. Not. Matter.

Secondly, these are very surreal times. Whatever you do, you will fit right in and likely still be the most normal thing out there.

There’s never been a better time to be brave. In your head and in your life.

(The pic? Yeah. Don’t ask.)

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