Neighbourhood Nuggets (Part 2 of probably many more)

Took a long walk around my immediate neighborhood today. I often do. I sometimes put them under a particular motto. For example, Eyes Up. Or Eyes Down. Or Eyes All Over The Place. Which takes a little bit more practice, I find, to avoid walking head on into a street sign or another person. Today though, it felt like an Eyes All Over The Place kinda day.

I once again noticed the building next to me has a beautiful painting on it with birds and branches.

I was reminded that Albert Einstein grew up around the corner from me.

I was very touched by the person who decided to give their feet a little sun bath.

I love the little box of the guesthouse next door, advertising their prices in that little miniature room setting.

I also love some of those funny details in the windows of some office.

And the texture of the paint on the graffiti wall near my house.

Why not walk through your neighbourhood with fresh eyes today. To re-discover all that once seemed so known and so not special you felt it wasn’t worth another glance. Facades. Corners. Green spaces. Beautiful window displays. Plaques on house walls. Signs that seem like they’re from another time and place. You can even do that when you’re only allowed to leave the house for very essential purposes. And if you currently can’t leave the house, you are always free to take that walk in your mind.

What are you finding?

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