Corona Connections (Part 2 of 3 today)

As I keep saying: Art is what keeps us alive.

I was still digesting the encounter with the blind man when on my way home, I noticed some kids outside a building. The had laid out a lot of paper on the ground and as I got closer, I realized they were paintings, many of them done with the help of a template but very meticulously outlined.

Next to the pieces of paper, they had clipped a note on the gate. The artwork was for sale at 20 cent a piece.

Never one to ignore a good art exhibition or a bargain, I had a good browse through their selection. And of course I splashed out a bit and got mySelf several new pieces for my abode.

As there are, from left above to down below: A horse (I assumed it was a unicorn but was corrected that unicorns had a horn – duh), a collection of hearts (never a bad idea), an owl (that one will be a birthday gift), a princess (that I recognized mySelf in) and a monster (that I also recognized mySelf in).

It’s clearly a good day for me.

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