Creative Cooking. Recipe for a Delicious Life.

One of the many things I’ve learnt from my wonderful friend Jay who is one of the most talented chefs ever – and boy am I glad I get to taste test virtually all of his culinary creations: There are two essential ingredients in any recipe.

It recently dawned on me that what’s true for cooking really also applies to life in general.

In your personal recipe for a delicious, nourishing, colourful life that really tickles your tastebuds, that feeds & fuels you and keeps you wanting just another bite, always add the following ingredients:

Love. Always make sure you have a big jar of Love stacked away, and at least one extra in your pantry. Use the organic one, the naturally grown and harvested, the carefully groomed and selected. Yeah yeah, I know what you’ll say. It’s more expensive. I’m telling you though: It’ll last longer, go further and it’ll add a richer and  deeper flavor than the cheap mass produced stuff.

Equally important: The Spice of comPassion. Generously added to anything in life, anything you’re cooking up and serving to yourSelf and those around you, it’ll add that special flavor that lingers long after you’re done chewing.

Those two allrounders are perfect for both the sweet and savory of life’s feasts, snacks and nibbles.

How much should you use, you wanna know? As much as you like. Don’t be shy. There’s no overdosing on either. The most you’ll get is a warm tingling feeling of Home and Belonging.

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