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I’ve been following Daunt Books on Instagram for a while, I absolutely love their posts and how their love and dedication to what they do just jumps out at you. I’d been wanting to order something from them for a while but was undecided what I should read. Ugh. There’s just too much that sounds too good!

So I had this idea that basically developed out of sheer laziness and indecision but that got me genuinely  excited. I thought: Why not let someone else do the picking for me? I emailed them and asked whether they would be happy to select three books for me and mail them to me. I got an immediate response. They said yes.

Today I got my parcel. It felt like a combination of Christmas, my birthday & the thought of leaving the house without a face mask and hugging my loved ones again. Not joking. My heart was racing.

What Natasha has selected for me, without knowing me, without ever having seen me or spoken to me, are three simply wonderful picks, all of them so very much my cup of tea that I am actually speechless.  Or I was. For a minute.

We all know that books are an incredible way to connect. To stories, to the world, to our dreams. I’ve been reminded just how much they also connect us to each other.

The gift of connection is probably my favourite human superpower.

Next to the superpower of preparing really delicious food.

A very special Thank You to Daunt Books for playing along and for clearly being a fabulous bunch. Can’t wait to visit you on my next trip to London.

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  1. So often reading is described as an escape, as a form of disconnection. I love the thought of reading as connection, especially in these strange and, for many, lonely times.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment – I thought the same thing, it’s time to recognize the connective power of books & reading recommended.

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