Permission to Self

I’m sure you’ve experienced this kind of day and you know exactly what it feels like. I just wasn’t in the mood to work that day. I wasn’t feeling sick, I wasn’t overwhelmed or distracted. There was nothing wrong whatsoever. I just didn’t feel like working. Yep. There you have it.

My boss back then, a kind and understanding soul, smiled at my explanation and sent me home around lunchtime. It was a Wednesday afternoon and I had been given a few hours to play with. Hooray!

I immediately went to Soho, bought a paper and sat in the sun at Bar Italia (Will that London hotspot ever be out of style? If I had to make an educated guess, I’d say: No), munching on panini and sipping a glass of wine with a very cheeky grin on my face that I had no intention of wiping off.

Afterwards, Curzon Cinema around the corner had a matinee on. It was “Before Sunset”. After a lot of love and a few tears, I made my way home. Happy and fulfilled.

Just ask for what you need. And do it. I’ve tested it many times. Always works.

Oh and another thing: Someone else’s permission is great.

The one permission that really matters though and the only one usually standing in the way of giving ourSelves what we need is our own.

When did you last give yourSelf permission for something you needed or wanted? That slice of time or cake? That new career? That next step? That change? Anything that put a cheeky grin on your face? Or are you still waiting for someone else’s?

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