The Manual on Me

Last day today before another one month lockdown. I just had to take mySelf out for another one of those much cherished and consciously enjoyed Gifts to Self: A coffee at one of my Munich favourites, a café called Patolli in the centre of town. A cozy spot where much love has been put into serving only the most delicious and consciously sourced goodies. Where attention is the key ingredient in all they do. From coffee to cake, everything here is carefully selected. The service is wonderful. This happens to be an excellent place to just sit and be. To observe what goes on and comes up on the inside and around me. To be still. So as I sat and observed and overheard some of the conversations around me, I was struck by how much we rely on someone else to tell us how to be, live, look, do what we do or define our path. How often we ask someone outside of us for guidance, even for what seem like small decisions.

How many of us need instructions for every area of our lives? Even when we are invited to let our creative juices flow, we want someone to tell us How: Can I use this colour? Can I select whichever material I like? We want someone to draw a line for us. Even when we’re asked to just breathe and relax, we ask “How fast and how deep should I breathe?” (I’ve witnessed it more than once!) instead of just allowing our body to sink into its own rhythm. This is something I observed today and I’ve been observing all around. I’ve observed it within mySelf as well.

It seems many of us no longer feel ourSelves enough, and therefore don’t trust our own compass or seem to have misplaced it temporarily. In these unique times we are living in where many of the rules we used to live by have been temporarily suspended or fallen away entirely and the new rules aren’t quite established yet, many of us understandably feel unsettled. I feel many of us look around for something or someone to please make some sense of it all for us. It occurred to me today just how clever and at the same time tricky a concept that is: We are not only handing over control of our Selves and our Possibilities to someone else but we are also relinquishing our responsibility for them.

Corona in musical terms is a symbol for “Hold” or “Pause”.

Why not use this pause to take some time to figure out who we are and want to be, how we want to live, how we want our society, our families, our organisations to run.

So I’ve consciously invited mySelf today and I’d love to extend the invitation to you as well: Let’s create our own and quite possibly brand-new guidelines.

I’ll write a new Manual on Me. Starting as soon as I finished this last sip of coffee. Who am I, what makes me me, what is it I want and need, what makes me feel really comfortable in my skin and what doesn’t. What have I missed and have yearned to see realised. Now more than ever, I feel we need to find in ourSelves that solid ground within us.

How would you live and who would you be if you could write your own manual?

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